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Signs Your Tires Need to Be Replaced

If you drive an average of 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year, then you can expect your tires to last six to 10 years. Even if your tires are not six-years-old, you still need to need to inspect them for damage on a regular basis. Bald tires need to be replaced. It is not safe for you to drive on bald tires. It will be a lot harder for you to drive in icy or snowy conditions. You also need it to corner and brake.

You should also pay attention to how your vehicle responds when you drive…

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Standard vs. Smart Car Battery Charger

You've probably wondered whether to go the conventional way or embrace the new technology. Before you make that decision, you should know what both chargers entail. There are two main types of car chargers, smart and standard. Find the best store in La Crosse, WI, and explore your options.

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