If you're like most drivers in La Crosse, WI, capability is one of the foremost things that you seek in a new vehicle. If that's true for you, a visit to Clason Buick GMC to check out the new GMC Canyon truck line-up is in order.

Whether you frequently head off the beaten path or prefer the safety of traveling only over paved roads, you can count on having sufficient power and torque to meet your needs. The GMC Canyon's available V6 engine provides up to 308 horsepower while the efficient diesel powertrain supplies more than 350 pound-feet of torque without breaking a sweat.

If you often find that you need access to superior towing and cargo transporting capabilities, the GMC Canyon is also set to deliver. A towing package that will permit you to safely haul 7,700 pounds of your most important gear comes standard on some GMC Canyon models and is available across the rest of the line.

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